Sunday, March 11, 2012

Girls Weekend

The girls in our Sunday School class went on a little get away this weekend. They went on one last spring and I had just had Hollis so I didn't go so I was so excited to go this time. One of the girls in our class' family has a cabin about an hour from where we live that's way out in the woods. It's big and open and had plenty of room for all 13 girls that went to sleep. We went Friday night and came back Saturday night. We split up the meals and took tons of food and just had the best time hanging out, laughing, talking, and eating. It was SO much fun!  We missed all the girls in our class who didn't get to go.

Because y'all read my blog and know me so well - I want you to know my friends.  I ADORE these girls.  There is something about having Christian friends right in your stage of life who will laugh with you and pray with you and encourage you.  I don't even know if most or all of my friends even read my blog - but I'm going to write about how special each one is.  I think I will always look back in my older age whether I'm still friends with this same circle (which I could only DREAM for) or whether we have all moved on and remember fondly these girls who helped me survive the early mothering years.

Maegan and Rachel - they are two of our staff wives. And I L-O-V-E them! Maegan makes me laugh almost harder than anyone.  She's also my style idol. But she is on FIRE for the Lord and has a walk with Him that makes me want to know Him more. She encouraged me so much this weekend as a mom and just gave me a lot of wisdom on praying for my girls. And Rachel is possibly my favorite person in the whole world. She is SO beautiful inside and out and she has 3 little boys that Harper is SMITTEN with and I would be thrilled if she ever married one of them.  Rachel is the most fun person I have ever known. She just brings pure joy to every circumstance. She is one of the Godliest girls I have ever known but she also makes me laugh until I cry.
 Jennifer is new to our class and this was one of my first times to be around her so I don't know her as well as everyone else.  But she just had her sixth child so I know she must be a great mom and a very organized mom! She brought her brand new baby and she was so sweet.  Vonda is one of the reasons we started going to our Sunday School class. She was so friendly and welcoming to us. And she is that way to everyone. She always makes you feel so at home and at ease.   She has such a fun personality and I love having her for a friend.
 Ginger the Blond can sing so amazing! She is so funny and has this laugh that just makes you love life! She is a wonderful mom and just has a way of making you feel comfortable. Her family owns the cabin and she went so far and above trying to make us all have a good time.  I felt bad because she was such a great hostess I worried she wasn't enjoying herself.  She is the kind of friend who will drive over in a snow storm and bring you a Sonic coke because she knows you have cabin fever and she isn't afraid to drive. :-)
Jessica on the left is from Oklahoma and I love her. She is just down home and fun but she is also a smart business woman and so stylish. She has a great job and works hard and also is an awesome mom to two cute little boys.  She is super athletic and makes me want to take up running.  She is just such a thoughtful person and always makes me laugh.
Ashley is this beautiful girl who doesn't know she's beautiful.  She's so kind and sweet and quietly confident. She has the most beautiful family too.  She is someone who just makes you happy to be around her. I just love Ashley.
 Sarah is just a sweet person.  She has 3 precious kids and she's such a calm mom.  I don't know her as well as I know a lot of the other girls but I'm always so impressed every time I'm around her by just her sweet personality.  Erin rode to the cabin and back with me and I'm so glad.  We are EXACTLY in the same stage. We both have girls exactly the same ages and we discovered this weekend just how much we are alike. It was such a relief to know that someone who I think is just perfect has the same moments I have. Erin always looks perfect - she always has perfect hair and cute clothes. But she is one of the most faithful full of Jesus people I know.  My word for her is servant. She is always so quick to serve others and she does most of it in secret.  She doesn't need to be in the spotlight but she shines anyway. I just adore her.
 Kacy is one of my favorite people too. She is just an encouraging friend you can call for anything. She is such a fun mom. If there is anything remotely fun going on in our area - Kacy knows about it and takes her kids to it.  I always refer to her as the children social director of NWA.  She can make me laugh harder than almost anyone.  I wish there were more Kacy's in this world.  And Berkli is one of the most caring people I know.  Her heart is to encourage everyone around her.  Berkli has a heart for the Lord and it was no surprise to anyone that Berkli was the first one up and spent about 2 hours sitting out on the deck reading her Bible Saturday morning while everyone else slept. That is so Berkli. And why she's an inspiration to us all.
 Y'all already know my sister Laurie. The absolute funniest person I know.  She wore her "famous" hot pink robe all weekend.  She wears this robe constantly at home and Steve hates it. It's a huge joke around all her friends.
 This is the view from the cabin. Isn't it pretty? 
 Jessica, Maegan and I were trying to do the Angelina Jolie pose
 The group.  There are a whole bunch of other amazing girls I could brag on who couldn't go. But we are already planning our next trip so maybe they will go next time!
 Rachel teaches zumba at a gym so she led us in a little class! It was so fun!
 Then we took about a 2 hour hike down to the river and back.  I nearly died coming back because it was all up hill and it went on forever.  I'm so out of shape. But the we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather. Especially in the first of March.  We stayed down by the river and had deep talks about motherhood and praying for our children. I can't tell you what it did for my soul!
Scott kept the girls this weekend and he did great (minus about 157 texts he sent me) ha! I think he REALLY appreciated me by the time I got back.  So much so that this afternoon he cleaned the whole house for me! ha! He's a good man!
We were at church today and our old Sunday School teacher and his family who moved to NC 2 years ago were here.  They came over for dinner tonight along with Laurie and Steve. It was good to visit.  They are the reason we joined our church and became so active in our class. We were talking tonight about how important your church family really is and I am here to testify that mine has blessed my life more than words can ever say!

If there is one thing I want to ever encourage any of you to do it's to first find a relationship with Jesus but second to find a good church and get plugged in to a Sunday School class or life group and be apart of a church family.  You will never regret either of those things.

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