Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It's been SUCH a cold spring......but today and yesterday have been absoutely beautiful! So happy to have a nice day for us to go to Bible Study on! 

We are having a great Study this semester.  I have a sweet friend that I met in a parenting class last year and who I ended up having SOOOOO many friends in common with - her name is Jenny and she has been coming to Bible Study and I've been SO glad.  She is such an amazing person and such a joy to be around.  She has twin boys and they are adopting a little girl from the Congo.  I have loved following her journey to her little girl. 

Back in the fall  - I told you about Pure Charity.   You may have signed up and totally forgot about it or you may have not signed up because you didn't understand.  I want to remind you about them (because it's too good not to keep sharing) and tell you about something else great they are doing!

You sign up with Pure Charity (just click this link) and from now on - when you shop on-line at almost every retailer on line - (after you down load the easy to do plug in) - a button will pop up and a percentage of everything you buy will go to a Giving Fund and then you can sign on to Pure Charity and pick different projects to designate your money too.  You get to help others just by doing the normal on-line shopping you would do anyway.  Personally - I think this is genius!

Pure Charity is also NOW working with Give1Save1 - which is an adoption site that helps fundraise for adoptive families.  You can read more about this on Jenny's blog ........but if you sign up for Pure charity or if you already have an account - you check on how sweet Jenny's family is the featured family this week for this! They even have an $1000 match today if they can raise that money today! We could easily all give $1!!

I love the concept of giving and helping others. This is even a way you can do it without having to stretch your budget if you are already giving in other areas! It's so easy to sign up with Pure Charity - you should do it today!!!

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