Sunday, November 04, 2012

Let's Do Something Big Together?!?!?!

So.........about a month ago I was at a blogger dinner that Jen Hatmaker spoke at and she really encouraged us to use our influence (no matter how big or small that was) for good.  She talked about how her readers last year worked together to build wells and I left and seriously for the next few weeks my head kept repeating "Use your influence. Use your influence".

See.....I love this little blog. I LOVE y'all! And I pray every day that I AM using my influence to share about Jesus. Because that's honestly all I care about.  BUT ..... I started thinking of what I could do.....what WE could do (because this is NOT about me - I can not stress that enough) as a group! But I was coming up short because I didn't want to ask you for money. I know so many of you are on one incomes and tight budgets and I know you want to help and I KNOW y'all have giving hearts but I didn't want to ask for another $20.  I want you to give to your local churches and communities first.

So I kept thinking and I kept praying about what we could do that would make a difference.

God answers prayers. He really does.

Remember I told you I had lunch with Stephanie Bryant who started the (in)courage blog? She wanted to talk to me about a neat organization that actually started here in my little town that is dreaming BIG! And I nearly cried after she told me about it because it was EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!!

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited about this!!!!! (I would put a few more O's.......but I think you get the idea that I'm super excited!)

It's called Pure Charity. And this is basically how it works.  When you shop on-line - pretty much anywhere - most websites, travel sites, Groupons (so you can shop local) - each retailer will give a % of what you spend back to Pure Charity.  It's kind of like e-bates but instead of you getting Starbucks cards - you can change a life instead. Awesome, right?
So then - you get to decide where that reward money goes and what it does. Pure Charity has a lot of projects that go through a big process to be chosen and you can fund those projects.
Now the thing is ........if we each do it alone - we could probably put $20 or $50 towards a project and that would be amazing. BUT if we all work together.........together as a community - we could fund an entire project. And we can keep track of it.
(Once again - not to be all "kelly stamps" did this ........but the community that just happens to be together did it. More like God did this!) (And I just found out last week that Jen Hatmaker is doing this and she wrote about it last week. You can follow her and join her group. And other bloggers you probably read are going to be joining in. I don't care who you join in with - I just hope you will do it.)

So I'm going to tell you basically how this works and then later this week I'll give you a few more details and the three projects I have picked out that I hope we will fund. We can do this - this will be awesome!

1. So first - Sign up for a Pure Charity Account.  Follow me and then get started on your account. Following me will help us to work together as a group!

2. (This is something I really love): Install the Browser Plug-in: This is so cool. When you are shopping on-line - if you are on a site that works with Pure Charity - a big button will pop up at the top of your screen. You can click on it and it will tell you how much they contribute and there will also be a drop down box that will tell you any coupons you can use on that site (similar to retail me not). (And y'all - this includes SOOOOO many retailers you are already shopping at - Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R us, Nordstroms, Sephora........and it also includes Groupons so when you shop local - you can add to your fund as well!)

3. Search the projects under the "discover" tab.  They fall under five categories: opportunity, relief, food, water and health. They are in all different countries as well as the United States.  You can pick out projects you might want to support.  You can do your own and/or join in on what we will do as a group! There is even a new project to help Hurricane Sandy victims so that is awesome!

4. And Spread the word. You can share through all your social media forms! This is too good to keep a secret!!! This is a way we can shop and give back at the same time. You don't have to change what you are doing in the least........but as an added bonus some kids in Africa might get the food they need or some homeless moms in Ohio might get warm coats.

I think this is SO SO cool!!!!

And check back later this week - I'm going to tell you more ..................................but seriously........go sign up!!!


Let's get started!!! We can do this!!!!

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