Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Names, Hair and Vacations

It's Monday - let's have some more Caffeine Chat!!!

I thought we would just answer some fun "fluff" questions today.  There are lots of questions y'all gave me that go way deeper but I'm going to save those for another day! The discussion will be good! 

1.  If you had another girl (or baby) - what would you name them?

OH I love baby names!!! We aren't having any more babies but I still can't stop myself from thinking of baby names.  Luckily Scott doesn't actually have to agree to any of these.  ha! 

If we had another girl - I feel like we have to keep the HBS trend going so my top picks would be:

Holden Brooke (I LOVE the name Holden but Scott hated it)
Hattie Blythe

And my TOP pick for a girl if I could get away from the monogram thing:


And if I was completely starting over - I would go with these "M" names:

Our boy name was always Hudson Walker.  I haven't put a lot of thought into boy names beyond that. But you probably know by now that I love last names for first names. 

2.  Coloring my own hair

I'm a little stressed about answering this question because I feel like I've kind of made a mess of my hair and I'm trying to figure it out still.  So I don't want to give advice.

I decided a few months ago after I went dark that I would give coloring my own hair a try.  For two reasons.  One - it would save a lot of money.  Also - my hair is completely gray and it honestly needs to be colored about every 3 weeks and that gets tough having time for appointments.  I honestly have just been getting cheap color from Wal-mart.  It's worked pretty well but it's a little darker than I would like.  I'm thinking this summer - I will go back to the salon and get more of a caramel color put in.  But if you have dark color - you can totally do this.  I wouldn't advise coloring blond hair - that seems risky.  

BUT - put your input in - if you color your own hair. 
{And obviously the best advice is to leave it to a professional}

3.  If I could travel anywhere on a girl's trip - where would you go? 

Honestly - I don't need anywhere fancy for a girl's trip - my favorite thing ever is just getting together anywhere and hanging out in pj's and talking and eating.  BUT if we had buckets of money and time {dream a little dream} - I would love to go to NYC with a group of friends. Or a girl's trip to the beach. ANY beach.  Or Europe. I always imagine one day if I'm in my 70's and active - I want to pack up my girlfriends and travel Europe. I didn't do that in my college years - so maybe in my senior years. 

And if I could have a dream trip with Scott - I would love to do Europe or Greece. Or Fiji. 

So these are just my answers..........I want to hear YOURS!!!!!! 

(And if you have any more questions for Caffeine Chat - throw them at me)

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