Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Grateful People

My FAVORITE singer of all times is Christy Nockels.  If you don't know who she is - you need to look her up.  She is AMAZING.  I have loved her since about 20 years ago when she and her husband were in Sons and Daughters.  They came and sang at the college service at my church in Fayetteville back then. Then she was in Watermark. Today you can find her singing at Passion and at Passion Church with Chris Tomlin.  I PROMISE that when I get to heaven I will sound JUST like her (and I sound just like her in my car too. ha ha ha!) I also REALLY REALLY think we would be BFF's if I met her. She just has a sweetness about her and you see Jesus shining on her face.

Anyway - enough of my stalker talk.  Christy happened to be singing at a local church Sunday night.  So Laurie and I and our friends Elizabeth and Jenn went to see her.  I had thought I wasn't going to be able to go but it worked out and I was SOOOOOOO thrilled. She was just amazing. It was such a great night of worship!!!!

My sweet friends.  We hung out in Elizabeth's mini van after and talked until almost 11 and then I started craving Taco Bell and totally drove through and got a taco on my way home. 
It was like college all over again.
Only when I got home Hollis was up and crying.
I didn't have crying babies in college. 

I'm just telling you - look up "Grateful People" by Watermark - I LOVE that song.
Several months ago a sweet girl Casey messaged me on Facebook and said that there were a group of girls in their 20's who loved my blog and were all going to be in NWA to celebrate one of their friends' upcoming weddings. She said the bride loved my blog and it would be a fun surprise for her if I would eat lunch with them.  (I hated to break the news that I wasn't really all that fun of a surprise - but of course I had to say yes!)
(This is the bride Chris Ann!) 

So I met this cute group of girls at one of my favorite places Crumpet Tea Room.  It was really fun.  I was pretty "chawed" to be going but they were all so nice.  I almost wanted to join in on the rest of their girls' weekend cause I felt like we could all be friends.  Except for the fact that I'm a good 15 years older than all of them and they were probably thinking "Old lady - go home".  

One of my blog friends said I always seem to be posting pics of me in groups of cute girls.  I told her that's why I think God gave me girls.  Because I'm honestly never more happy than when I'm in a group of girls. There was a BIG group of OLD women at the Tea room today. They were all wearing badges that said "Traveling Tea Group" or something like that.  I totally picture myself like that in about 35 years. Although not so much a traveling tea group. But maybe in a group of old women who like to travel in a RV to SEC football games. :-)

I'm so thankful to this guy.  He has earned himself a LOT of hunting weekends this month.  I feel like I've had all kinds of girl things lately and he's so sweet to keep the girls so I can go.  I know he doesn't mind but I feel guilty when I'm gone very much.  
You are the best Scott! :-)
Tonight we got BRAVE and decided that MAYBE we could chance going out to eat. So we went with the old people at ate at like 4:45 at a cheap Mexican joint. And the girls did really good. And apparently Harper shares her momma's love language of chips and salsa.

{Total side note but on instagram - I put a picture and just said we "we are eating our favorite Mexican"and my friend Shaun Groves wanted to know if we were cannibals now. I can't stop laughing. I should think before I type. Or maybe edit every now and then}

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