Sunday, April 28, 2013

Speaking and Prayers

Yesterday morning I had the honor of speaking at a Mugs and Muffins women's event at FBC Lavaca, AR.  I will never not want to throw up when I'm asked to speak but I will never miss a chance to share about what an awesome God we have. 
(This is me and their women's ministry team)

{Also - I love going to women's events at other churches. Laurie and I decided we might start touring around on Saturdays to other church's events. Go ahead and invite us - we will travel! ha!}

It was a lot of fun because Laurie went with me.  It was so nice to have a smiling familiar face in the audience and company on my trip! We ate an early lunch of Mexican food before going home! We had a great time! 

And while we were out - the girls and their dads had a little pajamas/donut party! They don't look like they miss their moms, huh?

It's good for the girls to have time alone with their dad.  :- )

 Two little sweeties before church today. 

Love them.

Scott and I taught Sunday School.  Fourteen 3/4 year olds.  They are a handful but I love these kids!

When I spoke yesterday I shared my testimony but I also shared about how short life is and how it's so important to take every moment we have to share Christ.  And it becomes more and more evident to me that life can change in a moment. We never know what tomorrow holds - only what's done for Christ matters.

There is a family here in my area - a precious family with four young kids.  The husband, Chad, went in for routine knee surgery on Friday and his heart stopped.  This sweet young mother of four lost her husband and father of her kids. They are good friends of several of my friends.  My heart has been breaking for them.  I have been praying for them constantly.  I didn't realize until this morning that I actually had met her last year and know her on twitter - I just didn't connect the dots.  Her name is Sarah.  Can you PLEASE be praying for her? I have no idea what she is going through but I do know she needs our prayers.

(I'd also LOVE to organize something for her - if any of you feel led to maybe send her a card of encouragement - email me and put Sarah in the subject) 

Also - can you pray for this mother of 6? She is on the mission field and dealing with unexplained pain.

**** Also - there is a girl from Scott's home town - her name is Whitley and she is in her early 20's.  She was diagnosed with cancer last June.  They have done everything possible and she has been sent home with Hospice care.  She just got married in December. Will you pray for this sweet couple?

If you have any prayer requests - please leave them in the comments or I'd love for you to put them on my FB page any time! I'm not always good at getting requests into blog posts so I love having a place to post them quickly!

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