Friday, March 22, 2013

Show Us your Life - Favorite Pinterest Ideas

I don't get on Pinterest too often but I DO love getting ideas!! 

These are some of my favorite pins of late:

I love this Christmas Tree with just framed pictures on it.  If I ever get an extra tree on clearance one year - I may have to do this!  (
 I love to get cute ideas for pictures.  This is one of my favorites.  
 I just saw this - I love chalkboards and what a cute idea to change out a Bible Verse each week.
 I love to pin recipes.  This is one I pinned recently and I am dying to try it.  What could be wrong about cinnamon roll waffles???? YUM! 

I also try to get a few fashion ideas.  I hate that all dresses these days seem to be so short.  I tend to turn dresses into tops/tunics and wear over jeans or leggings because I don't need my old lady legs to show but this is a cute idea to put a long slip with lace or a ruffle underneath to make it long enough to wear on it's own.  

I'm thinking about painting my bedroom furniture so I've been pinning pictures and trying to get inspired.  I love decorating ideas and try to keep things pinned for future ideas.  Love this dresser.

I'd love to see what you are pinning lately.  And link up your pinterest name - maybe we can find new people to follow on Pinterest.

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