Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Eggs and Paintings

Harper had an Easter egg hunt at Preschool today.  It has been so cold but I thought we would pull out a spring dress to wear anyway.  I just don't think you can hunt Easter eggs in a winter dress. ha!
Hollis didn't have an egg hunt but she wanted to hold her basket anyway.

While the girls were in school - Laurie and I had a little friend date.  A Norman Rockwell exhibit is on right now at our museum and we have been waiting to go.  It was SOOOOO good! I love his work. And it was SOOOO crowded.  I couldn't believe how many people were there on a random Wednesday morning.  

Then we had lunch and I had lettuce wraps. Yum! 

Speaking of painting.......I'm going to blog more about this once it's done but I'm doing a little bedroom makeover.  I have been thinking about this for a while and I finally took the plunge.  I'm painting our furniture.  I bought this furniture when I was single and bought my first house and I like it but it just feels outdated and I haven't liked it for a while.  We can't buy anything new so I thought why not paint it?  This is an iPhone pic so it's hard to tell - but it's a light gray color and I'm in LOVE!!!!! I still have to do the other table, an armoire and our bed.  And we are painting our bedroom too.

And I have never painted anything in MY LIFE.  And I've been so scared - but it's really easy.  I was shocked at how well it has turned out.  If I can do this - you all can do it!!! I will blog more details once I've done more and feel like I know anything to say.

And finally - y'all asked me about the enchiladas I made for Scott's birthday.  These are the BEST!!!! In fact - Laurie said Steve got in the car when they left our house and said "I hate to say this.....but Kelly's enchiladas are WAY better than yours." ha ha ha! And she made mine last night for him. Here is the recipe:

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