Friday, March 29, 2013

Show Us Your Life - Date Ideas

I'm linking this up with Shay and Jenna and several other bloggers who are doing a marriage series!

Today is all about Date Ideas.  Whether you are dating or married for 20 years - sometimes you need creative ideas for dates! Some of you will have really fun ideas!!!!! I can't wait to read!

I have to confess - we rarely get dates these days.  I wish we got more but we are busy and have two small kids and it's hard to get a baby sitter (and expensive) but I'm thankful for the rare time we get alone.  It's so important to date your husband - especially in the years when your kids are small.  And probably when your kids are teens too! ha!

Because we rarely ever go out to eat - we are excited just to go to a good restaurant and eat in peace on dates! And about once a year to go to a movie too. ha! We don't have to get creative because those dates are so precious right now! We love to put three restaurant choices on paper and draw one out to pick where we eat.  That's our favorite date game.  :-)

A lot of times - our dates are more like put the kids to bed early and watch a TV show together.  And that's okay.  Or even just sit and talk.  Or even a lunch date while my girls are MDO.  Or lunch at home together while they nap.  Sometimes the creativity is just the timing of the date. ha!

What are your most creative and fun dates????

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