Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Joy of Playing with our kids

Today is another installment in our new series Build "Em Up - meant to encourage Moms (and non-moms)! I will be doing this here every other Tuesday with 3 of my blogger friends (Blue Eyed Bride, Life in the Green House and Lil Light O' Mine).  This is all about encouraging each other in this life! 
Today we are talking about the joy of playing with our kids.

I LOVE my girls.

But I struggle with this.

I love to play with them. But I have so much I always need to be doing - dishes, laundry, cooking dinner, cleaning, etc. that I find it hard to make myself sit down and play with them.

And I know the old adage that people always love to tell you - the house can wait, they are only small once.  And that is a lovely sentiment.  But the truth is the house can only wait so long or you will begin to live in filth and eating only crackers for meals with no clean clothes. ha!

So you have to find a balance.

What I have found that if I give my girls even 15 minutes of my undivided attention and we play something together - then they are happy to play alone for another increment of time while I get a few things done.  So while I may not sit down and play with them for hours on end - I give them little segments through out the day and we are both happy.

We love to do play dough or color together or puzzles or play with dolls.

I'm so ready for spring and summer because I feel like playing with them is so much more fun and easy when we can get outside and go for walks and swim or play at a splash park or a playground.  I love swinging my girls or watching them do new things on a playground.  I love seeing them play together and their little creative minds as they play.

It IS hard as a mom to carve out that time to just simply sit and play - but your kids don't need toys. They just want time with YOU! And it really is a joy to spend time with them.

I'd love to read how you spend time with your kids! And your thoughts on this subject!


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