Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Prayer and Passion

I'm doing a Bible Study on Nehemiah by Kelly Minter this semester and there are two over lying themes in the book of Nehemiah.  These seem to be over lying themes in my life right now as well.

One is prayer.  Nehemiah sought God in every decision he made and he patiently prayed for months on end seeking His face.  I'm challenged more and more to pray more and to pray earnestly. And to listen to God. Prayer doesn't always result in an immediate answer or the answer we are looking for but one of the only ways we can draw closer to God is to talk to Him.

The other theme in Nehemiah is serving others and helping the poor. It's also about finding what God is calling you to and chasing after that with a passion. Not worrying about what others think or feeling guilty for what you are not doing...........but focusing on what God has for you to do.

What is that for you? Do you have something God is calling you to do? Do you have a passion for an area of life or a people group that you can make a difference in. Do you feel like you need to do "everything" or can you truly find that one area God has given you the specific talents to serve in? And maybe it's not just one area. Maybe it's a couple. But are you doing it? Big or small?

 I love Francis Chan.  He always convicts me and I found some quotes of his today on Pinterest that I had to share. Just wondering if any resonate with you.

Ouch. So true.
 I've shared this one before but it's too good not to post again. 
What about you? Do you go to church most of the time, pray when you need something and occasionally dust off your Bible and try to live a clean life?

Or are you passionately pursuing the creator of the universe who knows every hair on your head and knew your name before you were ever born and loves you so much He died for you? 

I'm pointing a BIG finger at myself.  I can't even see what you are doing for examining what I'm not. 




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