Monday, February 18, 2013

Peroxide , Prom Dresses & Pork

It's a rainy day at home for us here.  

And I have a bunch of just randomness for today. 

I always thought blondes had more fun but I have gone full on to the dark side now and I'm LOVING it. Of course it's what God originally gave me. ha! I'm trying out coloring my own hair now that I'm dark. This is a HUGE leap of faith. ha! 

(On another note - I love social media but I'm afraid it puts a damper on my blogging. I post things on instagram or twitter and then I feel dumb putting it on here because I feel like a lot of you already saw it. Oh well.) 

Oh prom. 
The memories. 
Here is my prom dress 23 years ago. (yikes I know)

One of my best guy friends from OBU (shout out Chad Brinkley!) is a youth minister in south AR and he knows a group of girls who have started a ministry to try and provide prom dresses for girls in south AR who can't afford prom dresses.  I love this.  I know a lot of you (especially the younger crowd - I'm kind of thinking if you are my age and still have your prom dress it might not really work) - have dresses taking up space and you haven't done anything with them.  This would be awesome for you to donate and help a girl go to prom who may not be able to otherwise.

Check out the Facebook page for BLOOM! You can message them if you have dresses and they can help you figure out how to get them to them. 
(or if you live far away - you should look into similar ministries in your own area!)

If you love pork tenderloin like I do and you love using the crock pot - I made this and it is SOOO good! And easy!

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