Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is just some random stuff from the last few days.......

 This is what goes on when I'm trying to cook dinner. Actually I was thankful for this activity - usually they are both just hanging on my leg and whining when I'm cooking.  They are obsessed with my spices so they pull them all out and line them up and then they put them back.  Actually - I was kind of glad this day because I had them help me clean out the spices. Some were really old.

Notice the high heels.  They are SOOOO obsessed with these princess heels. They insist on wearing them at all times and you should see them walk. ha! 
Yesterday morning our church had "Mugs and Muffins" for women.  These three (Bethany, Laurie and Robin) are on Women's Council with me and I love serving with them.  We had a good morning and a wonderful speaker, Melinda Bunyard.  She ended up staying extra and eating lunch with our council.  

I was so excited yesterday afternoon because my friend Keely who works for Compassion and lives in Nashville had messaged me and said she was coming to NW AR for a concert (she works with music groups and speakers to coordinate Compassion with them) and she wanted to visit our museum Crystal Bridges and was hoping to see me! So I went up to the museum which is minutes from my house and met her for lunch and then I left her to see the art by herself.  I got there 30 minutes before she did so I got a quick run through of the museum.  It was fun. It's been a while since I've been. It's SUCH an amazing museum and I don't get there enough but the idea of little sticky fingers that are always with me touching million dollar art sends chill bumps down my spine. ha!
I've already made a date with Laurie to go next month and see the Norman Rockwell exhibit though! And I've heard the restaurant makes the best ever shrimp and grits so I'm going to give it a try.

I love that I got to take two trips with Keely and somehow we have managed to meet up a few other times. She is such an amazing person! 

and just for fun:

Here is a little video of Hollis talking.  

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