Monday, January 07, 2013

Who wants to go to DOT MOM? MEEEE!!!!!!!!

Y'all I am SUPER excited about something!!!!!

This past September I went to the Dot Mom Conference put on my Lifeway in Birmingham.  I had the absolute best time.  I loved it because I was encouraged spiritually but I was also REALLY encouraged as a mom.   The speakers are phenomenal and I also love that they have breakout sessions with great leaders on every topic you can imagine on mothering. 

I loved it so much......I'm headed to the next one with a bunch of my close friends! 

Dot Mom 2013 is taking place in just about 6 weeks in Frisco (Dallas), TX!!! 

If you live anywhere near - you need to go.  Let me tell you a few things you need to know:

The speakers are AMAZING. Hello Priscilla Shirer? She is possibly my favorite Bible Teacher of all.  She will blow your mind.  Vicki Courtney is amazing. And one of my favorite people in LIFE - a cute red headed Godly friend - Angie Smith is speaking.  And my two VERY favorite friends I've ever met in blogging - Sophie and Melanie are the emcees. And you will pee in your pants they will make you laugh so hard.  Travis Cottrell is leading the worship and it will be AH-MAZING!

And I don't know about you - but I could REALLY REALLY DESPERATELY use a weekend away with good friends to be renewed, rejuvenated and revived and to laugh until my cheeks hurt with good friends and eat some good food (hello - it's Dallas!)  I'll be a better mom coming home!

And I'll be there smiling like a possum and I'd love to see you! (Scott hates when I say that expression. He always says "possums don't smile" but it's something my mom always said).

You can read more details and see all the breakouts and the schedule here:

So here is the fun part...........

I'm giving away a ticket to two lucky winners!!!! So leave me a comment and tell me you want to go and on Friday I will pick the happy women who can go for free!

And if you don't win.............go anyway! Grab some friends or go alone - you will NOT regret it!

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