Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Gimme a redneck girl

Well - I've been channeling my inner redneck this week. (And I mean that in a complimentary way - so if you "might be a redneck" - don't think I'm offending you.)
 I grew up in small town Arkansas. 

And I have a confession - I've never eaten deer. 

I know Scott hunts - but he has only really hunted the last couple of years (of our married life) and he just gives the meat to his dad.  Because I have always said I would never eat, cook or touch Bambi. 
(Even though I clearly don't mind eating Elsie the cow, Porky the pig or Foghorn Leghorn the chicken)

Well - Sunday Laurie and Steve invited us over for deer steak and convinced me I would like it.
So I ate it. 
And I have to admit - it was pretty okay.  And I might just be convinced to cook with deer every once in a while. 

And then I sported these new Duck Dynasty sunglasses around town! They are being sold in Wal-Mart eye centers as of this month and they are GREAT! Scott has some too. I think we look more cool than redneck.  Even though the inside part of the glasses has Camo on it! love!

Do you all love Duck Dynasty? Because I DO! Especially Uncle Si.  It makes me laugh so hard. And I love they are bringing good family values and faith back to TV. 

Oh and speaking of rednecks ........so excited the SEC won our 7th national title in a row last night! Can I get a ROLLLL TIDE!!!!!!!!

This has nothing to do with anything but I went to get my hair cut tonight and Scott texted me this picture. I love these three with everything in me. 

OH and this happened.

I'm almost back to my natural color.  :-)

(Bless each of you who say I look young. I want to share my secrets:
Get practically no sleep. Drink so much diet coke - you are basically preserved. Drink no water ever. Spend most of your youth basking in the sun or in the tanning bed.  Eat tons of raw cookie dough.
NEVER use any type of skin care.
In other words - I have done the opposite of everything you should do to look young. ha!
I'm a walking billboard of health)

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