Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Prayers

I haven't done a Prayer Request Post in a while.  I love being able to share requests with y'all and I LOVE being able to gather prayers for people.  But sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with all the requests coming at me from so many different places that I have a hard time pulling them into a post.

I'm trying to put as many as I can on my Facebook page right now:

and you can post them there as well! I would LOVE for you to.

Here are several families I would love for you to PLEASE pray for:

*  Pray for 6 yr old Evan. He was diagnosed with AML leukemia in April and was inpatient for several months. He went in to remission and has been doing AMAZING and was able to start school in September. He has just relapsed and it has now spread to his bone marrow, testicle, and now it has spread to his eye making him not be able to see out of that eye. His markers have gone from 5% cancer cells to 30% cancer cells just THIS week.... in ONE week.  He was just transferred to CHOP in Philadelphia from Savannah, GA. 
Here is his caringbridge site:

*  Please pray for a  4 year old named Brooke.   This little girl was just diagnosed with a DIPG brain tumor-- basically, an inoperable brain stem tumor with essentially a 0% survival rate.  She is having a biopsy on Friday to confirm the type of tumor and needs a miracle.  This is her Caringbridge site:  This is a blog post about about sweet Brooke:  Please pray for this precious baby. 

*   The Adams family from Mount Pleasant, Texas. They recently just opened their own church and are a sweet christian family who try to help every single person they can. On Jan 7 Dawn(the mom) and her two young daughters Emmarie (7) and Chloe (5) were rear ended by a car going 70 mph. Little 5 yr old Chloe was killed on impact and Emmarie and Dawn were air flighted to Tyler, Tx where Emmarie was pronounced brain dead and taken off life support and the mother Dawn is paralyzed from waist down. 
I can NOT imagine what the dad must be going through as well as the mom.  I'm just sick about this.

* Please pray for a blog reader - Kathryn Martinez.  Her sister Soraya was killed in a car accident yesterday.  Pray for the entire family.

* PLEASE pray for Lyndsey Taylor in Jonesboro, AR. She is a precious woman who battled and beat breast cancer when she was 23. Since then she has adopted 3 adorable children. On December 3, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. But on December 10th, her world changed. Lyndsey had been having some hip pain during her pregnancy and was sent for x-rays and an mri a week after her delivery. This amazing wife and young momma of 4, was diagnosed with bone cancer throughout her body. Later that week she had surgery to have a metal rod placed in her upper thigh and hip. (She's an OBU grad - for all my Ouachita friends).

* Please pray for baby Evan.  He was born having some heart problems that they still haven't figured out what is wrong.  They flew him to Arkansas Children's and he is there in the NICU.  Please pray he continues to improve and that they can find what is wrong and help him.  


Thank you for always being faithful to pray!

Please put your requests in the comments - we would love to join you in prayer! 

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