Friday, January 25, 2013

Girls Girls Girls

This week has been full of lots of girly fun.  

For three days in a row - we had a friend over to play in the afternoons.  Wednesday my friend Ashley (you know - the Kevin Bacon of AR) and Avery came to play.  Ashley and I tried to visit in between a lot of squealing, giggling, crying and whining.  :-)

Thursday Sarah Kate came over to play for a little bit.  Harper invited her on Wednesday on her own and Sarah Kate didn't forget so we made sure it happened. 

Little sister REALLY enjoys when the big girls play and she is RIGHT in the middle of it always. 

We LOVE this girl at our house. 

Today one of our neighbor friends came over to play.  

I pretty much only take pictures with my phone these days because I'm lazy so I finally dug out the camera this week and tried to take a few good pictures of the girls. I'm so glad I did - I need to do it more often.  I love capturing them!

 Harper wanted to show out for the camera.  

Bless her heart - she doesn't have ANY personality. :-) 
Today was a treat because Laurie and I had a breakfast date at Cracker Barrel.  I LOVE CB breakfast and (this is so weird) Scott HATES CB. Tell me how that is possible.  I have on a strange outfit because I went in workout clothes so I could go to the gym after.  Which did NOT put a dent in the 5000 calories I consumed. You can only see my pancakes.  What you don't see is the bacon and hashbrown casserole. Oh My GOODNESS it was good.  I need to make that happen more often.

We don't have ONE THING on our agenda for the weekend and that is a wonderful feeling.  The next 5 or 6 weeks are going to packed full of things so I'm going to enjoy a lazy weekend! I hope you do too!

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