Monday, January 28, 2013

Pinterest Told Me To

So there is this cute blog called Pinterest Told me To where this girl Sheaffer (I mean - how much do I love her name. Almost enough to have a 3rd girl named Sheaffer Stamps.  ALMOST) finds those outfit suggestions on Pinterest and then coordinates her outfits with them.  I mean we all see those outfit ideas - but do you really try and dress like that after pinning them?

So Sheaffer asked if I would do a guest post - dressing like outfits I pinned on Pinterest.  I had to giggle because once again - I'm not a Fashion Blogger  - I'm a "pushing 40 years old with two little kids Mommy blogger".  I seem to wear a wardrobe of yoga pants, razorback tees and pony tails these days.  But I do love clothes and when I actually find an hour in the day to take a shower, fix my hair and wear real clothes - I love to try and look somewhat stylish.  So I thought this might be fun.  Besides the awkward part of taking pictures of me in the outfits.  Or the awkward part where I tried to explain to Scott why he needed to take pictures of me in these outfits.  He might have laughed.  And rolled his eyes.

So one of the first things I saw on Pinterest was Drew Barrymore wearing a jean shirt and a maxi skirt. And I really liked this look.  (I also think it's so crazy how much Harper looks like a young Drew Barrymore.)

I had a jean shirt I had bought this year and several maxi skirts.  I didn't have a white one but I have this leopard one that I love but rarely wear because I'm not sure about it. ha! I felt like I needed to put my hand on my hip if I was taking a fashion picture. ha! I might have never worn a jean shirt with this skirt but I really liked it after I put it on.

My shirt I bought this year at Riffraff.
I bought the skirt last year at Maude. (both of those are local stores)
My belt is from Francesca's a few years ago.  I love it.
My boots I bought last year at Dillards and they are my ultimate favorites even though you can't see them.

I had a hard time finding outfits that would match up to things I actually had in my closet.  Then I found this little girl and knew I had a similar outfit. Which is either weird for the little girl or for me. Not sure.

 I didn't put white tights/leggings with mine because that is just not a good idea if you aren't 20 or 95 pounds. (In my opinion).  But I have this cute cream dress/tunic I LOVE.  I've been wearing it with a cream long sleeved tee underneath because the flowers at the top are really cute and I want them to be seen but I kind of liked pairing it with a cardigan.

The dress/tunic came from ModCloth (which has the CUTEST clothes)
The cardigan I've had forever and honestly I don't remember where it came from.
I wore my suede boots - same with my sweater - no idea where they came from.
Leggings from wal-mart. :-)

Have you ever matched an outfit to Pinterest????

Thank you Sheaffer for asking me to guest post - it was fun! Check out her cute blog for more fun ideas and to see my post and she has a fun giveaway.  (She's also BFF with the current "Bachelor's" sister and gives some fun insides scoop. ha!) :-)

{Scroll down to the next post to see a lot of prayer requests I would love for you to pray for}

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