Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Building Walls

I just woke up one day this week and realized in one year I will be registering Harper for kindergarten. In a year and a half she will start kindergarten.  That seems so soon.  I feel like my mantra most days is "if I can just get them in school............"  But then I realize that that day is getting closer every minute and I don't know if I'm ready for that day to come. 

This little cutie with the big dimple and the curly hair and the smile that will make you give in to anything is giving me a run for my money.  She is a wild monkey.  She is constantly climbing or getting into everything.  Harper never wrote on things or got into half the messes Hollis has. (And I just THOUGHT Harper was a tough two year old).  Nearly every night we find where Hollis has colored the walls of the pantry or the on the TV(praise JESUS for magic erasers) or on an important document with a sharpie. I tell Scott I am on her like a HAWK all day but all it takes is a bathroom break or 30 seconds unloading laundry and she can do more damage in those 30 seconds than you would believe. And every time I walk in and catch her in the act of something she will look at me with that dimple and smile and GLEAM in her eye and say " Nothing".  
I seriously feel like I need James Dobson, Super Nanny and Mary Poppins to come in my house and do an intervention some nights. 

Today we started back with our Women's Bible Study at church.  I'm so excited because I have wanted to do a Kelly Minter study for YEARS and we are finally doing one.  We are doing Nehemiah.  Nehemiah built up the walls of his city and had a heart for people.  He was broken for the poor and the needy.  I feel like God has something He wants me to learn in this study.

What I want in my life is to build up walls around my family and treasure every moment but at the same time I want for me to have a heart for others and to encourage my girls to have a heart for others.  That's my heart's desire.

What Bible studies are you doing right now? If you are looking for one - maybe you will get some ideas in the comments!

P.S. If you aren't familiar with Kelly Minter -  she has a huge heart for God and for serving others. She is also single and has a heart for that.  I think if you are a single girl - you might want to look her up.  I thought you might also like to know about an event Lifeway is doing featuring Kelly and Mandisa on Valentines.  It's in Nashville so if you live there - you should go - but if you don't - you can watch a simulcast on your computer at home.  It's called Gal-entines. (How funny is that - like Valentines for Gals. ha!) I think it would be an encouragement.  Get together with some girlfriends and watch!

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