Friday, January 25, 2013

All about Adoption

One of my favorite things to do on Show Us Your life Friday is just to connect all of you to each other. I love when I hear stories of how some of you found another mother 12 states away dealing with something you are going through and you would have never met but the world wide web helped you meet! I think that's so neat.

Today is all about Adoption.  If you are a family or person who has adopted or who is hoping to adopt - I'd love for you to post and share you stories. International or domestic, foster or private adoptions, waiting and hoping to adopt or have adopted 10 kids.  Or maybe you are doing an Adoption fundraiser you would link to - maybe someone reading this will feel led to give. Who knows what might happen today.

If you would - put in the field when you link up something to describe you.......i.e. "Hoping to adopt", "Adopted 2 kids", "Adoption fundraiser"......whatever.

I hope today blesses someone!

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