Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I want to be a super hero

I think I'd like to be spiderman. 
He can climb and make his own web.

Or superman who flies really fast
Maybe I'll be him instead

Or maybe I could be wonder woman! 
She's pretty and wears a crown!!!

Or Maybe I could be BATMAN! 
He drives that neat car around town. 

Or what if I was a REAL hero?
A teacher or a nurse?
I could teach little kids in Sunday School
And give to others out of my purse.

I could sit with the kids who have no friends.
And be kind to the ones who cry.
I could care about how people feel.
And make them comfortable when they feel shy.

I could go to Africa and tell the world about my King! 
I could write songs about Jesus and travel around and sing.

Or I could have the biggest mission of all. 
One that is HUGE though sometimes seems small.
I could be a mom and raise my kids to see
That Super Heros can be people just like you and me. 

{Last night our Chick-fil-a had Super Hero night and we dressed up and went! So fun!}

{side note: Harper loves that mask but when she wears it she takes on a whole new personality and is super serious and kind of Emo. We call it the sad mask & hate it. But we are equally entertained by it. }
{yes - poem is by me. :-)}

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