Sunday, December 09, 2012

Sing a Song

Ever since I had kids - I've developed this weird fascination and need to take pictures through out the year that I can compare from year to year.  Whether it is first day of school pictures or pictures on the U of A campus in razorback dresses - I like to recreate and then compare how the girls have grown. (and unfortunately sometimes how I have grown. ha!)

For the last four years - I have taken a picture with Harper and then both girls on a Sunday morning in front of the tree.  It's the one day we are all dressed up.  

I just think it's fun to see how much change we have from year to year.  
One thing never changes - I am so thankful for my family God gave me and for Jesus Himself. 
(One thing that apparently does change is the length and color of my hair. ha! )

Tonight the preschool choir and children choirs put on a little concert for parents in our chapel before we all moved to the sanctuary for the Lord's Supper service.  
 Such a fun little group of preschoolers.  

I love to think about how much of this same group may be singing in the high school ensemble one day.  

 Harper and sweet Kinley.  I was so proud of Harper.  She sang all of her songs and stood up there so sweet.  She didn't hold her dress up (much) or look around or act crazy.  She did great! 
 We had a little party after the concert and Harper enjoyed her cupcake! 

I didn't get a better picture but I put Hollis' hair in pigtails tonight and it was SO cute. (Now she is holding up HER dress). ha!  I tried to do Harper's but she INSISTED she wanted to wear it down.  

We sang this song in church today and these words just sing true to me and I hope they will be words Harper and Hollis will both sing in their hearts one day:

"This is my story. This is my song.  Praising my Saviour, all the day long" 

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