Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Traditions Tuesday

I missed doing this SUYL on Friday because I was out of town with no computer so I'm doing it today. I'd love for you to link up with your traditions!

AND remember that this Friday will be a Christmas decorations link up!!! I hope you will all participate and come tour - it's so fun! I will give you a list of other bloggers doing similar link ups so you can join lots of parties too!!!!!

We don't have a lot of traditions at Christmas at our house just yet.  I really want to start some fun things but I don't want to stress myself out over things when my girls are still too young to really understand or participate.  I'm still getting ideas of what we want to do so I'm interested to read yours.

I didn't grow up doing the Advent calendar but I am interested in maybe doing that with our girls in the next few years. I know every family has a different way they do this so I'm loving reading about those ideas.

I know the big thing right now is Elf on the Shelf. We haven't done that yet and I'm still deciding if we will.  I think it's a fun thing just not sure if that will be something we do.

One of my favorite things we did growing up is to always go as a family to the movies on Christmas Eve or Christmas night.  I want to start that in a couple of years when both girls can handle the movies.

I also want to make a tradition of baking with the girls. And of doing things for others. That's a huge thing I want to incorporate into our traditions.

Harper is just this year really understanding the story of Baby Jesus and Mary and Joseph. I want to do more with the girls each of understanding the Christmas story.

Driving around and looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music is one thing we DO enjoy right now.

What are the traditions your family loves? Even things like you always have pizza on Christmas Eve? Or certain foods on Christmas day or eve? I love that too!

I'm still gathering ideas for our family so I'm excited to hear yours? I can't promise I won't "borrow" several from you!

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