Saturday, December 08, 2012

Big Times in Texas

Thursday morning the girls and I packed up and headed to Dallas with my parents.  We went to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday with her! 
(On a sidenote- I forgot my computer and didn't do the SUYL link up yesterday. Sorry about that. This coming Friday is Christmas Decorations - so be sure and get yours ready!!! Such a fun day!)

We headed over to my brother's house Thursday night. It was good to see him! The weather was SO beautiful - it was like a nice spring afternoon - so we spent a lot of time outside! 

Harper LOVED being on a trip with her grandparents.  We stayed in a hotel and she was thrilled to death about it. 
 Hollis is NOT the best traveller in the world but she sure had a great time while we were there. 
 Scott had to work so it was just us girls! 
 Saturday morning we headed to my favorite mall ever - Northpark.  They had so many pretty decorations. We got there an hour before they opened and just walked around. 
 The girls had a great time just window shopping. 
 How great is that Santa and reindeer - made out of candy and nuts? 
 We got to see Santa and sat around for story hour.  We decided to bypass sitting on his lap and just look from afar. 
 The girls walked around holding hands and singing at the top of their lungs. It was so cute. 
 After a quick nap at the hotel - we headed out to my Aunt Kathy's house.  My grandma lives with her. My cousin Molly flew home from CA. I was so glad to see her.  And my cousin Jackson.  They were born when I was a teenager.  They were always my baby cousins but they are so grown up now. 
 My Aunt Kathy and her kids.  They live on a pretty golf course and the view is beautiful. 

 We enjoyed spending time with our family. 

 At one point Harper was up on this chair and I looked over and she said "I'm just talking to Grandma". ha! 

We had a delicious meal from Babe's.  
This is where I need to make a BIG confession:

I ate chicken fried steak for the first time ever.

I have always said for as long as I can remember that I don't like CFS.  The truth is I have just never had it but I decided I would try it and I have been wrong for so long.

I liked it. 
A lot. 

I know - I almost had to turn in my southern card on that one. (I don't like grits - so I'm very borderline). 

We packed up and came home this morning. It's so stressful to me to travel with my girls. But it was so worth it to see my family and spend a little time in Texas! 

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