Sunday, November 04, 2012

Toys and Dates and Pink Parties

 We have had such a nice weekend.  My parents came Saturday.  We went and ate lunch on the square.  Our town has a big Toy Fair on the first Friday of November every year on our square.  Since we live in the home of Wal-Mart - it's convenient that nearly ever toy vendor has an office here so they can put on a great show! They were setting up for it while we ate.  We have never been because it's usually so cold and a MAD HOUSE. But we decided to pick up the girls from school and let them walk through it.
 We were there a couple of hours before it actually started. We missed all the characters like Dora and Batman being there but we still got to see most things and miss the crowds.
 They had all the Disney princesses.  Of course Harper most wanted her picture made with Sleeping Beauty - her favorite.  Next door was Minnie Mouse and that was Hollis' favorite thing.
 The Girls loved trying out the cars
 Flash forward to my life in 13 years. YIKES!
 They had a little keyboard like in the movie "Big" the girls could play on.  We had so much fun. It was SO hot - it was in the 80's and we were sweating to death but it was worth it. 
Of course the girls were just thrilled to be with their grandparents. 

Scott and I got to get out and go on a REAL date to celebrate our anniversary Friday night.  We went out to eat and to a movie! It was so fun to have a date! And I didn't have to worry because the grandparents were in control.  We laughed because we ran into another couple at the same restaurant who share the same anniversary date as we do. (Only they have 6 years on us).  

Saturday morning I got SUCH a thrill because I got to meet up with Ashley for brunch.  Ashley and I have read each other's blogs for years.  I actually have "known" OF her forever because her grandfather was my pastor in Fayetteville for years and I remember her and her family coming to visit often.  She is SUCH a precious person and we have so much in common. I could have spent all day with her and never ran out of things to talk about.  I had so much fun. And she is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever met. (inside and out).
 Hollis woke up sick today so Scott stayed home with her so I could go to church because I needed to teach 3 yr old Sunday School.  Then I took Harper to a birthday party for her friend Kinley.  It was a pinkalicious party so Harper wore her pink cupcake dress!

 It was such a sweet party. The girls all wore pink and they made little crowns and decorated cupcakes and Kinley's momma read them "Pinkalicious".  And their favorite thing was just playing outside. Which was great because moms sat inside and visited while they played. ha! I love all these little girls and their moms.  Harper is lucky to be surrounded by sweet friends.  And so am I!

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