Monday, November 05, 2012

Good things

I love blogging about my family.
I love blogging about my faith.
I love sharing prayer requests and sharing ways to help others.
I love the blogging community.

But hands down - my favorite thing ever about this little blog.......

is when I took just kind of a crazy idea and ran with it. 

An idea that comes out of a passion I have for single girls.

Show us Your Singles Friday - who knew?

FIVE amazing couples are now married (the last one just got married 9 days ago!!)

And guess what? 

TWO more couples just got engaged!!!!!

Elizabeth and J 

Chandler and Erin

They just got engaged on Sunday! Chandler is the brother of a precious girl I have gotten to know through blogging. 

Isn't it neat that God can work through a little blog?? 
NOTHING to do with me - EVERYTHING to do with Him! 
{I love it!}


I also just want to encourage everyone to keep praying for all those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The Northeast has been devastated and they need our prayers. 
If you want to help - you can give to the Red Cross

And one of my sweet friends who lives in NYC sent me some local places to give to to help:

Also if you go the last post & join up for Pure Charity (totally free! Totally easy!) - when you online shop - you will get a % you can designate to Sandy hurricanes!!! We should ALL do that! It's too easy not to!

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