Sunday, November 18, 2012

20 months

Hollis - you are 20 months old now!

You weigh 30 lbs and are 35 inches tall. 

You wear a size 2T, a size 6 diaper and a size 7 shoe. 

You are a good eater. You will eat most anything. 

You are a GREAT napper! You are always so consistent with your naps!

You are NOT a great sleeper. But we love you anyway! :-)

Everyone just loves you.  I always get tickled because all the teachers at school and people at church always just adore you.  I can't blame them - you have the funniest, sweetest personality. I can tell you are going to be a character - just like your sister.  My life will never be boring with the two of you.

You have dove head first into the terrible two's.  You actually aren't too terrible but there are times when you don't get your way and you will throw epic fits.  Thankfully you are fairly easy to discipline.  Usually just a stern look from me and you will say "Okay Mommy" and change your ways.

You are talking SO much.  You have the sweetest little delicate voice. 

You have started saying several sentences.  Some of the things you say a lot are:
"Sister.....where are you?"
"Watch me Mommy"
"Don't do that" (you say that to Harper a lot)
"I do it"
"I see you Mommy"
"I want to go outside"

 At night when I put you to bed you always say "SONG!" and want me to sing to you.  As soon as I finish one song you will say "song" again until you are finally ready to go to sleep and then you will wave at me and say "night night Mommy" and I know that's my cue to leave.

You are in a stage where you want me to hold you 24/7.  If I don't hold you every minute of every day - you cry and scream and hold my leg.  I love holding you but I want to stir a little independence in you too.  I know one day I will miss having that little head on my shoulder though. 

(Last two pics are by my amazing friend Bethany)

You are OBSESSED with your sister.  She is your favorite person on earth.  Harper isn't even very nice to you most of the time but you can't get enough of her.  You cry on Mondays when she goes to school and you don't.  You look for her the minute you wake up and you have to say good-bye to her right before you go to bed. I love watching your friendship grow. 

You are the light of my life. 

I love you Hollis!

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