Friday, November 16, 2012

Turkeys, Winners and Planners

I bought this little turkey dress on etsy when I was pregnant with Harper.  I dreamed of her first little Thanksgiving wearing it.  I never dreamed it would be worn four years in a row by two of the sweetest little turkeys I know.

I wanted to share the winners of the Proverbs 31 Bible Study book! I hope if you didn't win - you will still sign up and join in!

#17   Lauren Black
#49   Brooke
#145  Lynn Bennett
#182  Sandy Morgan

(I will email each of you)

I also realize the end of the year is fast approaching and I've had a lot of you ask me about planners.  I know all of you "smart" girls out there use your iPhones for calendars, etc. but I'm so old school.  I still like to have a paper list to take the to the grocery store so I can cross things off with a pen and I like a paper planner to write in.  Lists on-line just don't work for me.  Last year there were such great deals on the Erin Condren planner and I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine.  It's big but I have used it so much.  But it's pricey so I was looking for a new solution this year and if you are too........(besides what your local store might carry - here are a few options!)

Paper Coterie carries REALLY cool planners that I'm leaning toward. You can get weekly or monthly and you can put your pictures in them to personalize! And you can use the code "thankyou" if you are a new customer and get 25% off so that makes them about $25!!!

Molly suggested on twitter these planners. They are very similar to the EC planners and are $30.

I've heard a lot of people recommending May Books.  They are a smaller planner and around $20.  They have SOOOO many cute options for the cover!

Any other neat ideas for planners? Or are you not a planner kind of girl?

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