Sunday, November 18, 2012

Almost Four

 My friend Bethany took some pictures of my girls yesterday and she asked me and Harper to lay down in the grass together and honestly I was thinking "This can not go well" and then she sent me this picture.
I love it so much I don't even have words.

 I love this girl so much I don't have words.

I thought this might be a good time to write about the funny quirks that our almost four year old has right now.  Things I don't want to forget in this funny, funny age she is at.

Harper HATES pants. HATES them.  And the majority of her winter clothes include pants. (Not jeans - because she is EXTREMELY against jeans and well - I can understand.) She always insists that Princesses don't wear pants.  I'm hard core so I don't let her win the clothing battles (yet) but as soon as we get home from whereever we have been - the pants come off and when I ask where they are she always says "Um - I'm a princess now."  Because CLEARLY princesses don't wear pants.

I know this is a super normal stage but Harper is "scared" of a lot of stuff right now.  I think it's just an excuse for her to somehow end up in our bed every night but she is scared of  "pumpkin monsters" (????), plain monsters and mostly Dinasours right now. The Dinasaur part cracks me up. Where does that come from?

Harper loves everything pink. She loves to dress up. LOVES to dress up. She loves crowns and castles and everything princess.  She is super, super, super girly.  BUT she also right now loves spiderman, He-Man, the incredible Hulk and power rangers.  ha ha!

She ALWAYS has a bag/purse/box she carries around filled with treasures. She probably has at least 10 of these in her room right now just brimming with odds and ends and they go everywhere with us.

She LOVES cats (ick) and pretends to be one a lot.  She will meow and lick her hands and be a cat a lot. I have to ask her to please be a little girl again a lot.

Harper is SO SO happy and so loving.  She loves to snuggle and she loves to hug and kiss. She just is a huge joy to Scott and I.  EVERYTHING right now is so exciting to her.  It's fun seeing the world through her eyes because EVERYTHING is amazing. She is thrilled about life! I'm so excited about Christmas this year because she finally gets it and SHE is so excited. We went looking for Christmas lights last night and there are only a few out so far but she was so happy! She would see some and say "That is SO cute Mom!" 

She calls me Mom.  Not Mommy. Not Momma. I'm not thrilled about that part of her being almost four.  She even says it in two syllables like teenagers do.  Sigh.

Her teachers at preschool always tell me what a character she is and that they love her.  They bless me so much with the things they tell me about her.  I worry myself so much about how she does and they always say the nicest things about her.  One of the sweet women who does chapel and computers at school told me last week how much Harper loves the music and how smart she was. I got in my car and sobbed because it meant so much to me. 

I wish I could bottle up Harper at this age.  She is getting so big and becoming so independent.  She has the best manners and the sweetest personality. She is NOT perfect.  She can be defiant.  She sometimes tells me "Leave me alone Mom" and I see a 14 year old standing in front of me.  She can still throw fits and the whining can be overwhelming some days.  But the majority of the time - I see the sweet blessing in the picture above and can't believe she is MINE! God has blessed me so much with her.

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