Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Queen of Random

I feel like this post is super random.  I just have a jumble of thoughts in my head. And this post is a big jumbled mess - but here it is. 

 Harper wanted to wear boots today.  I just got her this cute little pair of boots.  She put them on and said "I look like Mommy!" (So sweet!) I had worn boots today for the first time today too! Thankful for a morning that started out in the 50's! 

Having two kids two years apart has been a big adjustment to me and not easy.  And it's tough most days but it's also so precious to me right now.  The girls are each at a age that I just LOVE.  LOVE so much I almost want to have another one. But the big word is ALMOST.  ;-)  Harper is getting close to turning four and she is so sweet, kind and loving.  She's not perfect. She still strikes attitude and has a mind of her own but I also see the hard work of discipline starting to work and she's respectful and polite and I'm so proud of her.  She is so protective of her sister. We were walking into church today and she said "Hollis want to hold my hand?" and was just talking to her so sweet.  Last night she helped me put Hollis to bed and they held hands over the crib and we sang songs together. 
She is the delight of my heart. 
And Hollis is just the sweetest thing in the world. She WEARS ME OUT most days but I could also just eat her up with a spoon.  
I'm a little weepy I feel so blessed. 

and changing gears..............

Want to laugh? 

My friend Amanda didn't know I was doing a little segment on the news every week and I was telling her about it and how I feel like I'm on a SNL skit when I watch because I cut my eyes so much and it's just funny.  Anyway - I skype into the local news every Monday morning at 6:15 and we seem to have technical difficulty most weeks but if you want to see some funny clips - here are two recent ones:

the Nester (I'm sure you have heard of her) is doing a neat 31 days of blogging series and you can join in and link up! I hadn't planned on it and then suddenly thought it would be fun but I was already a day behind so I guess I'll sit it out but if you are in a blogging rut - this could be fun!
Or I might join in 2 days late and start tomorrow.
Any ideas on what I could write about for 31 days? You might be reading it so I want it to be something you'd want to read. :-)
I may just cross my fingers that she does it again next year!!!

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