Monday, October 01, 2012

Dress up and winners

Emily and Sarah Kate came over to play for a little while this afternoon.  Immediately they wanted to play dress up.  All four of them.  And I will admit - I love it.  Before we know it these girls will be teenagers and we will miss this. 

I sent Scott and Steve this picture and told them they may not have little boys to hunt with but they have sweet princesses in their house.  Oh I love these girls.  I had a Bible Study with my Sunday School girls tonight and I let the girls wear their fairy wings and tutus to church.  Why not? Life is short. It made them happy. :-)

Here are the winners of the TEN $25 Wal-Mart gift cards from Better Homes and Garden.  I used Random Integer Generator:

#20  Ashley
#164 Mandy
#436 Nicole
#560 Jennifer C
#683 Chrissy
#940  Julie Gould
#1153 B Brown
#1193 Kerry Purcell
#1308  Ros
#1409  Kelly McMullen

If you won - you will be getting an email from me! Congrats!!!

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