Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Today I got to meet up for lunch with a girl I have known of for a while but we have never met.  We know so many of the same people but our paths have never crossed but we had a great lunch and it was so fun.  We met at a place I have wanted to go to forever and just haven't been and it was the perfect day to eat outside! We ate at the Green Bean in Rogers.  They have the freshest salads and sandwiches.  I had a hummus and avacado sandwich and mushroom soup.  Delicious! 

Stephanie is such an amazing person and also is one of the founders of (in)courage.  Do you read that blog - you should if you don't.  They have an amazing group of bloggers that write for them like Angie Smith, Ann Voskamp, Lisa Jo-Baker.  You will be so inspired.  Stephanie is also pregnant after trying for seven years and I'm so excited for her!

God works in the NEATEST ways and in the most perfect timing.  I have been really praying about my little blog and have been challenged recently about what exactly I'm doing with my influence.  I think it's something we all should think about whether you have 50 readers or 500,000 - what are you doing for good with your influence in whatever form that is? God has been working on me with this and today Stephanie and I talked about something that is exactly what I've been praying and looking for and I am SOOOOO excited. I'm going to talk to you more about it soon!  It's something that is going to bless ALL of us!

Harper has had a tough few weeks where she has been crying and not wanting to go to preschool.  I would just take her out and I've been tempted to but when I pick her up she is always happy and her teachers say she has a great day - as soon as I leave. She has always loved going to school/church so it has been tough on me.  I know preschool is so good for her and she needs the structure or I would just keep her home.  Today we talked about it and we prayed about it together that Jesus would be with her and miraculously she strolled right into class today.  My heart was so happy.  And when I picked her up her teachers told me that she just makes them smile.  They told me how funny she was.

And Hollis cried a few times and lately she has loved going to school and today she ran down the hall to her room and didn't even look back or tell me bye.  She has the sweetest teacher who loves her.  I feel so blessed.
What I Do NOT feel blessed by is that she crawled out of her bed this morning.  
Just NO.
I am praying it was a fluke. She is a climber but I'm not ready for that.  We can NOT move her to a toddler bed yet.  She doesn't sleep through the night and I don't need her wandering around.

Oh my - time is flying by.  Life is so short and I just want to make every minute count.

Also - I've updated a prayer list if you have any prayer requests you would like to add and I'd love for you to pray for those on the list:

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