Wednesday, September 19, 2012

This and That

 Today was picture day at school.  I could eat these babies up.  
 For Real.

I am always saying "Girls......we need to get ready." "Girls - do y'all want some breakfast" and now Harper has started saying to me "The girls want some ice cream" or "The girls want to play outside".  It cracks me up.  
My four favorite girls after church on Sunday.
Hollis has started saying Emily and Sarah Kate. It's so sweet. I love how much these four love each other.  

Don't forget that Friday is SINGLES day!!! 
Here are the instructions if you are wondering:

I've had a few prayer requests sent my way - I'm going to share them and ask that you please lift these up.

*** Pray for Clay Maples - a young boy from my parent's church who has been through Leukemia and it recently came back.  

***A young family that was on their way to the hospital to deliver the first child when they got in a wreck. The mom was killed, the father severely injured and the baby is not doing well.

***Pray for Stacey and Jason. They are friends of many of my friends and they recently had baby Olivia few weeks early due to a complete placenta abruption.  Olivia went without oxygen for several minutes and they recently learned she has a significant brain injury.  Pray God will do a miracle in her life!

Please leave any requests you might have in the comments. Thank you!

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