Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Prayer Lunch

A couple of weeks ago God kind of impressed on my heart to invite my friends from Sunday School over for lunch one day and to have a time to pray over our families and our church.  I feel very burdened to pray that God will use our church to reach the lost and our community and that the enemy will keep away from breaking up our homes and our church. 

I have an AMAZING group of Godly friends but I have to say I even felt a little stupid asking them if they wanted to come over and eat and pray. I was afraid they might think I was crazy. But God wouldn't leave me alone - so I did it.

So I planned out a lunch - thanks to the Pioneer Woman.

 And 15 of my friends came! I know there were many others that would have come but had conflicts. I feel EXTREMELY blessed to have these sisters in Christ. And I really do consider them my sisters.
(How cute are these baby boys)????

Many of us had kids in school today but there were about 15 kids who came (under 5).  Thankfully an AMAZING friend my hometown works here during the week and she offered to come on her lunch break and watch the kids for us. (ALL 15).  

I was so blessed by her coming to help but wanted to be considerate of her time so we only took 20-30 mintues to pray.  We actually ended up going around and sharing what we are praying for our kids and families.  It was good to hear struggles and thoughts from each other. I think we all identified.  

We ended up only having a quick time of prayer but I am hoping we will committ to pray for each other and maybe we can do this again in smaller groups and just pray over our families and community. 

I think prayer is SO important. God talks about prayer over and over in the Bible. 

And how could you not want to pray over faces as cute as these? 
It was also fun just to get together and eat and visit.  It is always a zoo when all of us get together with all of our kids but that's our lives right now.  

I wanted to share because maybe it will encourage you to invite some friends over or meet them somewhere and commit to pray this year for each other! 
I know I'm hoping to do it again. 

I can't pray enough for these two!

I'd love for you to share also ways that you and your friends, church or family pray for one another. I love how some families put Christmas cards in a bowl and draw out a different family at every meal to pray for.  Let's share ideas!

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