Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fear and Tumbling

We have had a FULL day.  On Tuesdays we have Bible Study.  After Bible Study, I had a women's council meeting that lasted until 1.  We raced home and Hollis took a short nap and then we went to Harper's first gymnastic class.

I'm really loving my Bible Study - we are doing "Always True" by James MacDonald and it's all about God's promises and how his promises are "always true".   I just had to share a few tidbits from today because it's too good not to pass on.  Today we focused on this:
"I will not fear - God is ALWAYS with me".  

This hit home BIG TIME for me because I struggle so much with fear in all areas of my life.  Fear is mentioned in the Bible over 920 times in various forms.  Obviously it's something God knew we would all struggle with.  
BUT the thing we have to remember is no matter what we fear - 

God has promised to never leave us or forsake us and it was pointed out today in Romans 8:34 - that Jesus sits on the right hand of God PRAYING FOR US.  Do you get that? Jesus Himself prays for us.  I think we can let go of a little fear when we know we are being prayed for by our Saviour Himself.  LOVE!

 I have been wanting to get Harper into gymnastics for a while and I finally decided to do it.  We are going to a real gym and Harper has been so excited. We got her little outfit yesterday and she wanted to sleep in it.  I wasn't sure how this would go.  Dance was NOT a hit.

 But she absolutely loved it.  They have three rooms full of stuff that they rotate in and out of.  They do all kinds of stations and I was so proud of how Harper followed directions and how well she did.  (Letting go of some of my fears. ha!)

Parents sit outside a window to watch so my pictures are through the window. Not great but this is mostly so her grandparents can see what she was doing! 
 She is already talking about how she can't wait to go again.  
I'm so excited to have her in gymnastics. Who knows? She might just be the next Gabby Douglas or Mary Lou Retton! :-) 

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