Friday, August 10, 2012

Show us your life - How do you decorate all the tables in your house?

Today on SUYL - it's all about decorating tables in your home. To me - this can be as tricky as the fireplace mantle. It's hard to decide what to put on your dining room table or side tables. So I love getting ideas!

 I bought this flower arrangement as soon as we bought our house to go on our dining table. I still like it. The colors match the room and it doesn't look to cheapy fake.
 I like to decorate with frames and flower arrangements apparently.
 I love this iron bowl that's on my coffee table. I have these moss balls and I like them except the girls think they are the ultimate toy. At least twice a day they are throwing them around the house. :-)
 Another side table with pictures, flowers and a lamp
This is our kitchen table - I have kind of a green arrangement in here that I've had for about 8 years and still like. I'm curious to see what is on your tables???

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