Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hellos and Goodbyes

 We have had a BUSY weekend around here but a fun one. One with goodbyes and hellos! Here are my girls in blue before church today.  Someone wants to hold her toothbrush and toothpaste all day long. Maybe she will be a dentist.
 I have taught 9th grade girls in Sunday School for the last year and I have loved it. But I also quickly realized that in this stage of life - I just don't have the time to devote to them that I wish I did. I have two little girls who need me more. So today was our last Sunday with them. I am going to teach Harper's 3 year old class with my friend Kacy this year instead. I hope one day I can go back to youth because I still feel like my heart is with girls that age. We took the girls to lunch at Taco bell and then to swim.
 My friend Tracy and I taught togther. We did not plan to dress alike. It's also funny because I'm 99% sure we dressed alike on our first Sunday with them also.  I didn't stay for the swimming because I had a baby shower to help with.
 My sweet friend Rebekah just had a little boy named Duke. They didn't find out what the sex was and they already had a little girl so today was more of a Sip and See to see Duke and get some boy things. It was at my friend Katie's house and her house is SO cute. I've known Katie and Rebekah since they were in college and lived in the Tri Delt house.
 Everything was so cute
 Most of the food was in little dishes.  The lady who made most of it said she got all the little dishes on 80% off at hobby lobby. I would love to find some and store for parties!
 I made mini 7 layer dips.  A total pinterest find! 
 I loved this little stand. 
 I made the favors. I made what I call popcorn crack.  You pop popcorn and then melt almond bark (or I used blue candy melts) and mix it together and lay it out to harden and break into pieces. It is SO yummy!!! And you can make it any color. I'm totally making some in pink for Harper's next birthday!
 Rebekah and big sister Cilla and baby Duke
 The hostesses
 All the cute little boy stuff
 I love Rebekah. She is such a good friend. I am so happy for her to experience another baby! 
Jennifer and Sydney.  This picture makes me sad because Sydney is moving to Seattle this week. (Everyone I know keeps moving away).  Her husband is the newscaster I worked with on the morning show on KNWA and he recently took a job in Seattle. They will be missed. 

Hello and Goodbye to another great weekend!

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