Thursday, August 09, 2012

Busy Thursday

We have had a busy Thursday.  We had visitors this morning. This is my friend Isabel and her two beautiful little girls.  Isabel and her husband were our very first friends in our Sunday School class. We met right after we started coming and just hit it off.  They were such great friends to us. Three years ago they moved to NC and they happened to be in town this week so it was good to see them after all this time! The girls had gotten so big! 

After their visit we went to speech therapy.  Today was the last day we have to go for a while. Starting in two weeks the therapist will be going to Harper's preschool.  This is SUCH a blessing and makes it so easy! I'm SO excited about this! 

There is an organization in Arkansas for all kids with hearing loss. They have events in different parts of the state throughout the year and tonight was a back to school party at a jump place. We went to this last year RIGHT after Harper initially got her hearing aids. She was barely wearing them then and we were so new to the whole thing. It was nice to realize this year how much things had come along.
 We go to so many birthday parties at the jump place that I couldn't convince Harper we weren't going to a birthday party. She told us she wanted to eat a big pink birthday cake. I told her there wouldn't be a cake and she said "Oh, okay cupcakes?" Of course. There were cookies thank goodness. ;-)

Hollis had such a good time climbing and bouncing around. I'm hoping we have a good night of sleep after our busy day.

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