Sunday, August 05, 2012

Just the 3 of us

This weekend Scott and Steve went on a "pre-hunting" weekend.  They went to get things ready for hunting and they left on Thursday.  I was really dreading the weekend because I knew it would be long but it really wasn't too bad. I actually look forward to all the hunting weekends in a few years because I know us girls will have a lot of fun.  Right now - it's a lot of work. But one day it will be fun!

Friday Laurie and I took the girls to eat at Flying Fish and then over to their house to play. That was fun.  We may just have a big weekend slumber party once the girls get a little older.  Harper just adores these girls.

Saturday my mom came to visit for a few hours! We are always happy to have Nonny here. She took us to lunch. 

The 3 of us

My mom was mainly here because my dad flew into our airport after being in India for 17 days training pastors there.  My mom was going to pick him up and drive him the 3 hours home because he was exhausted from traveling but I decided the girls and I would go up and surprise him and welcome him home also.  I knew he'd be happy to see their little faces. And Hollis had a surprise for him because she was saying "Papa" finally!
Sweet Harper this morning. She thought she looked like a princess. But she is a girl after my own heart - the minute we got home from church she asked me if she could put her pajamas on.  

It's always a good day when I can get the three of us dressed and fed and out the door early somewhere. We were glad to go to God's House today. 

Gigi and Pap-pa came for a visit today for a few days. The girls are SO excited to have them here. (Look at curly locks right after her bath. :-))  Hollis is just exploding on new words - today she said Gigi, Pap-pa and Elmo for the first time. I love hearing her talk more and more.  She also has started saying "Thank you".  I love that my girls may be a little wild and busy but they have good manners.  Harper is very good to always say "yes or no ma'am" and she has recently started saying "No thank you" when she doesn't want something. I just think manners are important. At least they are to me! I can never hear "please" or "thank you" enough. :-)

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