Friday, August 03, 2012

Back to School Fayetteville Favorites

A local boutique, Mason's, put together a Back To School Look book for their stores and on-line and they asked a few local bloggers to model at their "Fayetteville Favorite".  I love all things that "keep it local".  They asked me and the girls if we would model at Bliss cupcakes (one of our favorites).

We did this on a Sunday afternoon and I was SOOOOO nervous about how the girls would do. We went straight from church and they hadn't had naps and it was 105 degrees outside. They did so good. I was SHOCKED that Hollis sat still in a chair and even posed. I guess they will do anything for cupcakes.

Hollis even got to model the CUTEST little sparkly TOMS mary janes. I'm in love with them and thinking my girls might need those for fall shoes.  (You can't see them but I was wearing the tallest shoes I have ever had on in my life. I was scared to death to move. I haven't worn heels since I had Harper so I felt so weird!)

A few of my "local blogging" friends were involved also.
Leslie from  (She is the prettiest girl and has a fun southern style blog)
Tara from (Tara throws huge parties all the time and has great fashion sense)
And Rachel from (Rachel is Tara's sister and a mom of three. She just started this fun fashion blog to show you how to get cute clothes ANYWHERE).

You can see the lookbook HERE. (if you can't get on facebook - it should be on their website soon)

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