Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Love Times Two

 I was thinking yesterday of how much I loved my girls and how amazing it is that when you have two (or more kids) - your love really does multiply - not divides.
 When I was pregnant with Hollis - I worried a little about if I would love her as much as Harper. Harper just took so long to come and then with her hard beginning - she was such a treasure to me and I just loved her so much.  I couldn't imagine I would love the second child just as much even though everyone says you do.

But it's true - God just gives you more love to give. I can truly say I love both my girls exactly the same. They are different and unique and there are special things about each one that I love but I don't love either one more.  I know I may tend to put more pictures of Harper some days on my blog but that's because she poses and asks to have her picture made while Hollis runs from me. Hollis has stolen my heart so much!

I got an email from a PR firm recently that was promoting a resort in another state. They were asking me (and other bloggers) to come all expenses paid and bring our "favorite child" for a little vacation. I don't know who was in charge of this promotion but it couldn't have been a mother. I don't know any mother that could possibly have a favorite child. Now you might have one for a 30 minute interval in the day when one is being particularly sassy and throwing fits and the other is being sweet and cuddly (just kidding).
I can honestly say that my love is equal. As they grow and become unique people - they will find their own interests and strengths. I may have more in common with one but I know I will love each exactly the same no matter what choices they make. I am grateful that God gave me two little girls to love and that He multiplied my heart.

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