Friday, August 24, 2012

Giveaway Winners Galore

Scroll down to look at lots of Laundry rooms!!!!

Hollis is helping me announce the winners from the give aways this week!

And I used to pick the winners. There is no way I could pick a winner based on who deserves it. Honestly - I so badly want to come through the computer and HUG each one of your necks and give you a book if you left a comment on "unglued".  I LOVED reading each comment and I hope you all read through them. I felt so encouraged. We are all in this together girls! 

Lauren Kimbrough - you are the lucky winner of a photo session with my friend Bethany!!!!

Emily Coen and Empty Nester Sheila - you are the 2 lucky winners of "Unglued"!!!

Kassandra - you win a chalkboard!

If you won - you will be getting an email from me tonight!!! Congratulations!
If you didn't win - I'm so sorry - but thank you for entering!!!!

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