Friday, August 24, 2012

Show us your life - Laundry Rooms

Today is our last day of home tours. I'm going to get a new list up in the next week or so of all the topics we will have through the winter! I think there will be some interesting ones so I really hope you will plan to join in!!! 

Laundry rooms - kind of a hard room to decorate cute. And probably not the favorite room to most of us, right? 

 I actually really like my laundry room. I love my washer and dryer. I just wish they would fold clothes and put them away on their own. Notice my big pile of laundry waiting for me. I wanted to hide it but then you would think I was caught up and that is NEVER true.
The little shelf above the laundry holds all the girls bags. Why do we have about 30 bags? ha!
 On the opposite wall is my little office. I LOVE this part of the house. I rarely get to just sit here but when I do I love my time!
 I have this cute bulletin board that holds some of Harper's art work from last year. 
Something I love. I put up this bulletin board several years ago. It used to hold scriptures to encourage me through infertility and notes people had written me to encourage me. I would sit and stare at it. Now it holds a zillion birth announcements from our friends and there are probably 30 new ones I haven't put up there. I need to get a bigger board. I call it my blessings board. I love to look at all of the blessings of babies on that board - so many I have had the privilege to pray for!

Okay friends us your laundry rooms! (and I apologize I'm just NOW getting this up - it's been a crazy week.)

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