Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our weekend

Several months ago I was asked to speak at a women's brunch at a church in Central Arkansas. Yesterday was the day.  I drove down yesterday morning so I left my house at 5:15. (yikes!) I was SOOO incredibly nervous.  I am honored they asked me to speak but I am NOT a speaker.

BUT ......I feel like if God ever opens a door for me to share about Him - I have to do it and He helps me.  And thankfully He did!

I LOVE women's ministry so it was fun to experience at another church.  They did a neat thing - they had about 24 tables set up and a hostess at each table decorated it differently.  It was SO cute. They had a catered brunch and it was DELICIOUS. I would have devoured but I was too nervous to eat.
 Our table was decorated by the worship pastor's wife (who happened to be a recent OBU grad and my Tri Chi sister)! It was so cute! I wish I would have taken more pictures of the tables. I was too rattled to get my camera out.
 I spoke at Holland Baptist Church in Benton. I lived in Benton when I was younger so I actually met a women who goes to the church we went to then and knew my parents. My dad was called to the ministry when we were in that church so it's very special to our family.  I also met Jennifer Francis' grandmother and aunt (on the left is her aunt) and one of her mom's best friends (on the right!) It's such a small world.
 This is Mary Lynn.  She lives in Benton and we have connections because she grew up in the same town as my mom and they share a lot of the same friends. And her husband's father worked with my Pap-pa at the post office.  So neat!  Her daughter makes those neat state necklaces I told y'all about! 
 This is Heather. She lives in Fayetteville and we share mutual friends (including Jennifer Francis) and we have met before and this is her home church. So she came home to be here. That was so sweet!
 Rebecca is the Women's Ministry Director and she and I connected years ago through our blogs (before anyone ever read mine) and we had emailed back and forth many times and she is the one who asked me to speak.  It was really fun to finally meet her in person after all these years!

I'm just not cut out for speaking but grateful that God allows me to give Him glory for my story! :-)

Scott kept the girls all day yesterday and did a great job! I was SOOOOOO exhuasted when I got home last night.
 Me and the girls before church today.  We are having a rainy Sunday but we are grateful for the rain and it's a great day to snuggle up inside this afternoon!
Daddy and his girls! 

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