Sunday, July 08, 2012

Our Weekend in Pictures

We have had a pretty great and pretty laidback weekend.  Friday for lunch we met up with a blogger and fellow OBU grad, Rachel, who recently moved near the area for lunch. She and I have talked many times and it was nice to finally meet in person. Her kids are adorable! We know a lot of the same people and it's just such a small world. We had a great time - I hope we can do it again! Afterwards I took the girls home and let them play in the sprinklers. I have learned a new formula for getting both girls to nap.  We play in the heat in the morning, I give them baths, and then put them in a cool room and they are out like lights. Who wouldn't want to nap after that? :-) It's working like a CHARM!
 Saturday we all went to a local trail to walk.  It's kind of a long trail and Harper and Hollis both ended up wanting to walk and it was too hot for Dawson so he rode in the double stroller.  We looked crazy - it was 100 degrees and it took forever to walk with Hollis walking. So I was carrying Hollis, Harper walked and Dawson rode. 
He likes to sit in the car as close as he can to Harper. He is so happy on rides.
The girls took a really long nap Saturday (see amazing formula above) and I was just super lazy. It was nice!
 Little Miss Sunshine before church today

I had a really great Sunday because my youth girls just got back from church camp (our kids have AWESOME church camps - this was the first time our church did one on our own and it was SO neat). They were all just on such a spiritual high and so passionate about Jesus and were sharing and it was just so exciting to see in them! I loved it!
 My cousin and his wife (they are really like my 3rd cousin) just adopted a sweet baby girl and I went to a baby shower for them this afternoon and took Harper.  She was super excited about eating a cupcake.

Hollis had Mac & Cheese for the first time tonight. I think you can tell it was hit. She started out using a spoon but clearly that was too slow because she was fisting it soon. 
Can you blame her? 

Today is my mom's (Nonny's) birthday! We called her and Harper sang to her. It was also our Pap-pa's birthday (Scott's dad) on Thursday! I wish we could have shared a cake with both of them but we love both of you so much!

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