Monday, July 09, 2012

Emotions and Pregnancy

I am continuing the series on pregnancy and a baby's first year that I'm doing with Huggies and BlogHer. Today is all about emotions and pregnancy.
I have to say that I didn't think my emotions were too out of whack during pregnancy, but I think that's because I had spent a long time on fertility drugs and I think those made me WAY more emotional than pregnancy did. I was so elated to get pregnant that even through morning sickness, back pain, acid reflux and being super uncomfortable, I was just so happy to be having a baby. I will say that I cried at the drop of a hat, though. Everything made me weepy.
I think it's different for everyone. Some people are super happy through pregnancy and some people can be a little, ahem, hard to live with. (My husband may tell you I was one of those, but I'm choosing to remember that I was generally in a good mood.)
(My first time to hold Harper - she was 12 days old)

I think emotions came out more for me AFTER having the baby. With Harper, my first child, I had a huge range of emotions just because of her scary first few weeks. With Hollis, I don't think I realized until several weeks went by that I had mild postpartum depression. I just felt so overwhelmed with having two kids, and I really struggled for a little bit. Thankfully it didn't last too long, but I think loss of sleep plus a lot of hormones and the change in lifestyle can make anyone a little moody.

I think the thing to remember is it's totally normal to be emotional during pregnancy and in the newborn stage and that you should remind your loved ones and especially your husband that it's normal and that you will one day go back to the "normal" you, although it could take time and they should be patient and understanding. And be easy on yourself too.
What are ways you handled being emotional during these times? Did people ever point out that you were being a little crazy or sensitive? Did anything help to calm you down or "normalize" you?
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