Friday, July 06, 2012

Picking out your child's name

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Scott and I picked out names for our kids before we were ever married. So, it was easy when we got pregnant with Harper, because we already had her name. Our names were Hudson Walker for a boy (and it we are ever surprised with one, it will still be Hudson), and Harper Brown for a girl. Hudson is my MIL's maiden name, and Walker was my Pap-pa's middle name. Harper is a name I have loved forever because my favorite book was "To Kill a Mockingbird" all through high school, and Brown in my Mam-ma's maiden name. My middle name is Lee, and it was also my Mam-ma's middle name, but I thought naming a girl Harper Lee might be taking it too far, which is why we went with Brown.

I still love the names Hudson and Harper, but when we picked them out 10 years ago, I didn't know ANY babies or children with those names. They were not anywhere on the charts. Suddenly I'm SURROUNDED by a sea of Hudsons and Harpers.
I know it's not for everyone, but I love different names. Not different like Moonbeam or Fiona or whatever celebrities like to pick out, but just something a little less common. I also LOVE last names for first names. I like names to have a Southern feel to them, like they came out of a Southern novel.

When we were pregnant with Hollis, I knew I wanted to use the same monogram I did for Harper, and I also have a thing for liking all the kids' names in one family to start with the same letter. It was HARD to pick a name for Hollis. I liked several things, but Scott hated them all. Finally, one day I suggested Hollis and he said, "Okay." For Scott, that's about as enthusiastic as he gets, so I knew it was the one. And I adore her name. It's different, but I can't imagine her with any other name.
We had a hard time with her middle name. We both liked Brooke, but I just couldn't get settled with it. I LOVE Blythe, and that was probably second runner-up. Then my mom suggested Barrett one day, and I just fell in love. It makes me think of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and it's unique as well.
Even though our family is complete, I still have baby names in my head. I think it's something most girls are programmed with. I've had baby names picked out since I was 10. They changed with time, but I always had names ready. I told Scott if we had another girl I would want to name her Hattie. I'm pretty firm on that, but he hates it, so I guess it's good we are finished! :-)  I also love the name Sutton for a boy. Sutton Stamps. Oh well.
Do you have baby names always running in your head, whether you are single, trying to get pregnant, still having babies, done having babies, or already in menopause? I have a ton of names I have just filed away. Maybe I can give them to future dogs we might have. Ha!
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