Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Up Up and Away We Go

 We are having a great VBS week. It is a busy and hot week but we are having so much fun! Harper keeps saying how much she loves "Bible School".  This was the girls yesterday before we went.
 Our theme is sky and the church is decorated so cute! This is where they have snacks!
 One hallway
 The girls this morning before we left - including sunglasses and toothpaste
 We have a little over 900 in Bible School this week. Whew! What a blessing - I love that our church puts so much effort into this - so many kids come to know Jesus this week.  I'm working in preschool (4's and 5's) and we have almost 200 just in there!
 I took Harper with me this morning to "big church" so she could watch the music. I think she really liked it. We sat up in the balcony so she could really see.
 Harper and her friend Kade.
 After VBS we met up with two of my friends Rebekah and Sydney for lunch and to play.  Harper, Stella and Cilla are all 3 and so funny.  They sat at their own "girls" table and ate! I can't believe they are big enough to do that! I didn't take a picture of the moms or the little sisters because things get CRAZY at CFA at lunchtime.
What sweet girls!

Hope you are having a good week! We came home and took baths (we were sweaty and dirty after our morning) and now I  THINK they are both fast asleep! :-) I'm going to go rest myself!

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