Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sermonette

This weekend was one where we pretty much did nothing. Which is A-Okay with me.  It's too hot to do anything anyway. I can't even remember Friday night. It was just a routine night at home. Saturday Scott had to work most of the day and the girls and I never got out of our pajamas - I wore a pony tail all day. It was that kind of day.
This is the only picture we took all weekend. Me and the girls before church. You can tell Harper was THRILLED to take a picture with mom. And yes - I seem to wear this necklace every Sunday. But I like it.

I got my room set up for VBS this afternoon and we are SO excited to start this week. Harper keeps talking about "Bible School" and tonight she told me "God was in her heart".  Tomorrow will be the first time she has ever been in "big church" and she will get to see all the fun music and my heart is just so EXCITED right now thinking about her growing and learning about Jesus who loves her so.

My heart is so full and my eyes are welled up just thinking about the Jesus who loves all of us so much. Our pastor was talking today about some great men in the Bible who God used in big ways who had HORRIBLE pasts. Paul who was a murderer and David who was an adulterer and a murderer and the list goes on.  He said "Don't ever let your past stop you from your future ministry".  That is so true. I think so many people think because of something they did in their past - that they aren't good enough for God to love them or to use them. That is simply not true.  God can use you BECAUSE of your past. I love the saying "God never calls the equipped. He equips those He calls".  No matter where you are in your life or what talents you have or think you don't have - God can use you for mighty things if you are just willing.

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