Monday, June 11, 2012

Pictures and an awesome opportunity

I had my friend Bethany take pictures of my girls recently.  I got them back yesterday and LOVE them. I thought I would share a few. Which turned into a lot because I love so many of them. I know this is just a lot of pictures but I knew the grandmas would like to see them. :-)

I don't know which ones to frame?????

I love this! 

Could she be any more pretty?

Cutest little girl ever (well - to me!)

You can contact Bethany for pictures - she is awesome!

AND ALSO!!!!!!

Very exciting- another AMAZING photographer, Benfield Photography, in my area has done workshops the last few years to teach moms how to better take pictures of their kids. It's always been here in NWA - but now they are taking it on the road. You can take a workshop in your area! AND ........
I'm giving away one ticket to one lucky mom in the location of your choice!

Check out all the places they will be! You can sign up here:
Leave me a comment and let me know where you want to go and one week from today I will pick a lucky winner!!!

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